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Introducing the Rotating Double Knit Loom by KB - Review and Free Dyad Hat

The Rotating Double Knit Loom by KB

The Review

OH MY! And here I thought that KB had done the best they could with the new looms that they have released in August.  But then there is THIS.  Yes.  It is like no other knitting loom ever.  It is a ROUND loom that can be used for DOUBLE KNITTING.  WHAT??  Yes.  You read correctly.  Of course I know that most of you have already heard of it by now.  My review is being release a little later than the release of the loom.

And yes.  If you have seen it on social media, then you also know that I like to call it my new fidget spinner.  It's so much fun just to sit and watch it spin around and around and around...

Some may ask "what's so special about this loom?"  Well let me tell you.  This is the only loom that you can double knit in the round.  You can easily make double knit hats on this loom without having to seam a flat panel like before.  And don't let the height of the leg fool you into thinking that you can only work a hat 6" long.  No...  You can easily work a hat that is 9" long.  And longer than that.  You can fold up your work to make more room to knit.  More on that in a bit...

What else can you do?  Well you can single knit on the outer ring as well.  This loom is for both.  Double knit in round as well as flat panels and single knit on the stand that spins.  How sweet is that??  Very sweet indeed...

More Information On Double Knitting In The Round...

Since my review has been delayed a bit, I have seen concern over how the double knit in the round comes down and if there is room for the work.

Work at the bottom of the base.

Work folded once.

Room to fold up twice if needed.

Another thing that has been brought to my attention is that the instructions seem to be lacking information for some people for double knitting in the round.  With that having been noted, let me just say that the one thing that seems to be missing is the following word.


Now that may not make sense unless it is added in the proper place.  While the instructions do say to repeat from the start which does include the words "Peg 1" or "Starting Peg", let me add a couple of rules to help clear this confusion up.


Now this will apply to both stockinette and rib stitches.  Both of those stitches are included in the instruction booklet that comes with the loom.  You can also find those instructions on the KB Blog.  Now that I have clarified that for you.  Let me also add the second rule.


But what to do??  Go back to the first.  Or as I like to say "Repeat Rule 1."

There may be questions concerning the starting on peg 1 as well.  But will it look odd or off?  Will the stitches show at the point like when using e-wrap in single knitting?  Let me just say that it didn't with my hat.  Not saying it won't.  But just saying it didn't for me.

Gauge and Construction

This loom is made so that the inner ring is not connected to the outer ring except at the base.  Which spins.  Like a lazy susan on your great grandma's dinner table.

Each ring snaps onto legs that attach to the base.  Therefore the inner ring could be left off entirely so you can single knit in the round or a flat panel while turning it as you work.  You can even take the outer ring off and use it like any other round loom.

Now for the specifics.

Both rings have 52 pegs.  

The outer ring has a center to center peg spacing of 1/2".

The inner ring has a center to center peg spacing of 7/16".

The space between the 2 rings is approximately 3/4".

The diameter of the base is approximately 9".

The height of the loom with base is approximately 8".

Great for yarns that are 4 and 5 weights for double knitting and 4 weight for single knitting.

Now for the thing you have all been waiting for....  THE FREE PATTERN!!

Free Pattern

The Dyad Hat

It's Reversible!

This double knit hat is an introduction to double knitting with 2 colors creating a reversible hat with the design on the outside being different than the inside.

This hat will fit an adult.  But it will fit children as well.  If you are making it for a child, simply make the hat shorter by leaving off the end section or simply knitting fewer rows in all the sections making the hat shorter.

Loom: Rotating Double Knit Loom
Yarn: 170 yds 5 bulky weight yarn in 2 colors.  Patons Shetland Chunky in Oxford Grey and Wine, 85 yds each used in the sample.
Tools:  Loom tool, tapestry needle, crochet hook
Gauge:  6 sts x 10 rows = 2"
Size:  Adult 


CA - Color A - wine
CB - Color B - grey

Pattern Notes

Follow the instructions for casting on in stockinette, the rib stitch, and stockinette stitch in the booklet that came with the loom.

Special Stitch

2 Color Stockinette - Work stockinette stitch as follows with 1 color on outside loom and the other color on the inside loom.

When first adding the new color, place the slip knot on the first peg on the side it will be worked.  Wrap the second color around the first peg on the side it will be worked.

Leave the tail of the new yarn in between the 2 looms so it will be hidden from both sides.

Then twist the 2 strands around each other.

Then wrap the pegs with both strands and twist the 2 strands around each other.

Make sure the twist of the yarn is in the center between the 2 loom rings when wrapping the pegs.

Keep the tension tight so that the wraps stay on the pegs with the twist in the yarn stays in the center between the rings.

Continue with this method of twisting the 2 yarns and wrapping the pegs around the loom.

Do not skip pegs when working 2 colors in this manner.

When all the pegs are wrapped, lift the bottom loops over the top.


With CA, cast on in double knit stockinette.

Work 9 rounds of rib stitch.

Add CB

Work 3 rounds of 2 color stockinette with CB on outside loom and CA on inside loom.  See instructions in Special Stitch.

With CB, work 7 rounds of stockinette.

With CA, work 3 rounds of stockinette.

*Work 1 round of 2 color stockinette with CB on outside loom and CA on inside loom.

With CA, work 1 round of stockinette.

Repeat from * 2 more times.

With CA, work 2 rounds of stockinette.

With CB, work 7 rounds of stockinette.

Work 3 rounds of 2 color stockinette with CB on outside loom and CA on inside loom. 

With CA, work 9 rounds of stockinette.

Bind off following instructions in booklet that came with loom for the gathered bind off and secure.

Bind off at the anchor yarn with a crochet hook following instructions in booklet.

Weave in ends.

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