Monday, February 20, 2017

Loom FAQs: Is It Garter, Rib, or Seed Stitch?

February 2017 edition of Loom FAQs is up and ready for reading!

This month I explain the differences between the Garter, Rib, and Seed stitches.  All 3 involve knit and purl stitches.  But all 3 are different.

I also explain the difference between the true knit and purl stitches on the knitting loom.

All with pictures.

You can find the article here on the KB blog.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Loom FAQs Articles on Authentic Knitting Board Blog

First of all, I would like to apologize for neglecting my blog.  Starting now I will be sharing more on what I am doing with my loom knitting and crochet projects along with anything new I may venture into as well in regards to fiber arts.

Over 2 years now, I have been writing a monthly article for Authentic Knitting Board called Loom FAQs.  Each article answers frequently asked questions that I see in the loom knitting groups in social media.

Some of the topics that have already been covered are converting, felting, blocking, types of knit stitch, gauge, selvages, socks, decreasing, copyright and trademark, along with calculating amount of yarn, peg counts, and more.

Just when I think I am running out of topics for my Loom FAQs article on the KB blog, several new topics pop up out of nowhere.

Loom FAQs is published on the 3rd Monday of each month. The 3rd Monday will be here before we know it along with a new article chock full of useful loom knitting information.

Until then click here to find all of the Loom FAQs articles that have already been published.

Until next time!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Zippy Master Set by KB and Shades of Grey Pillow Pattern

Great news for fans of super fast, chunky knits!  Authentic Knitting Board has released a new Zippy Loom Master Set!  This set includes everything you need to make anything you want with super bulky and jumbo yarn in the round, flat panels, and even double knit!


  • 4 Zippy Looms
  • 4 corners with pegs - creates a 20 peg round loom
  • 4 L-shaped corner connectors - creates a 16 peg round loom
  • 2 straight connectors for double knit - creates a 16 peg long loom/rake
  • 4 connectors - connects the 4 looms for a 16 peg straight loom

If you already have some Zippy looms, you can just make a larger round loom or a longer double knit rake.

4 projects are included as well.  But don't worry...  You are not limited to just 4 patterns.  Lots of free patterns are on the KB Blog as well a freebie right here!

Shades of Grey Pillow

Shades of Grey Pillow is made with the pieces included in the Master Set.  One side is purls with 4 columns of knit.  The other side is seed stitch.  Works up quickly and makes a nice decor piece.

Loom:  Zippy Loom Master Set

Yarn:  126 yrds of jumbo yarn - 6 skeins of Loops & Threads Biggie in Dark Gray used in sample

Notions:  Loom tool, 20" pillow form

Size:  approx. 20" square

Gauge:  3.5 stitches x 6 rows = 4"


K:  Knit
P:  Purl
S:  Slip
Rep:  Repeat

Pattern Notes:

Slip - bring working yarn behind the peg to the next peg leaving that peg unworked.  Work next peg as instructed.

When working the knit stitch on the even rows of the Front Panel, be sure to keep that stitch loose so the stitch will be tall enough for 2 rows.


Set up loom for the 20 peg square configuration using 4 looms and 4 corners.

Front Panel

Cast on 19 pegs using e-wrap cast on.

Row 1:  *P3, S1, rep from * 3 times, P3
Row 2:  *P3, S1, rep from * 3 times, P3

Rep rows 1 - 2 until piece is approximately 21" long

Bind off  using the basic bind off method.  Weave in ends.

*see below for alternate instructions for Front Panel for those who don't like so many purls...

Back Panel

Cast on 19 pegs using e-wrap cast on.

Row 1:  *K1, P1, rep from * until last stitch, K1
Row 2:  *P1, K1, rep from * until last stitch, P1

Rep rows 1 - 2 until piece is same length as front panel

Bind off using the basic bind off method.  Weave in ends.


Place both panels together with right sides facing each other.

Seam the 2 together leaving approximately 10" gap on one edge.

Turn inside out so right sides are now on the outside.

Place pillow form inside.

Seam the opening.

*Don't like so many purls?

Alternate instructions for Front Panel

These instructions are for working the wrong side facing forward and the right side facing away from the knitter.

S1 WYF:  slip 1 working yarn in front is done by lifting the loop off the peg, bring the working yarn between the stitch and peg, and placing the loop back on the peg so that the working yarn is in front of the stitch but still behind the peg.  Work next stitch as directed.

Row 1:  *K3, S1 WYF, rep from * 3 times, K3
Row 2:  *K3, P1, rep from * 3 times, K3

Continue instructions for Front Panel.

Pattern written by Renita Harvey.  Pattern may not be reproduced in any manner without express permission of the designer.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Zippy Loom Corners & Christmas Tree Centerpiece Pattern

Exciting news!!  Knitting Board now has CORNERS for the Zippy looms!

Not only can a project be worked in the round now, the loom can made larger without it being straight. 

I love the new corners!  They open up a whole new Zippy world.  Even if working a flat panel, the loom will no longer be sticking out the window while working on a large project.

The new corners can be bought from Knitting Board or they can be found in stores soon.

To celebrate Zippy corners and celebrate the most wonderful time of year, I present a new pattern.

This Christmas Tree Centerpiece is worked in the round to start then worked in wedges that are seamed.

Embellish with beads or other other colors to fit any decor.  I have included instructions for the garland and the star.

Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Original design 
by Renita Harvey

Christmas Tree

Loom:  Zippy Loom, 6 straight looms and 4 corners for 28 pegs
Yarn:  Jumbo 7 weight yarn, Bernat Mega Bulky used in sample
  • ·         Color A:  Brown - 1 ball
  • ·         Color B:  Green - 2 balls

Notions:  Stuffing, 9“ diameter cardboard circle, loom pick, tapestry needle, fabric glue

Finished size:  approximately 17" x 9"

K:  Knit
P:  Purl
R:  Round
Rep:  Repeat
CO:  Cast On
BO:  Bind Off
CA:  Color A
CB:  Color B

Pattern notes:
Tree is worked in the round then worked in flat panel wedges that are seamed together.


With CA and using 2 strands together as 1, e-wrap CO all 28 pegs and prepare to work in the round

R1 – 5:  *K1, P1, rep from * around

End CA.  Join 1 strand of CB.

R6 – 10:  K all

Bring the first stitch of CB round onto the pegs like a hat brim and knit the bottom loop over the top.
Find first loop of new color
Pull loop up to peg.

Place loop onto peg.

Once there are 2 loops on each peg, bring the bottom loop over the top loop to knit off.

R11 – 13:  K all

Divide the loom knit 4 sets of 7 pegs.   Prepare to work wedges in flat panels.

Wedge 1
R1 – 2:  K7 – 7 stitches
R3:  K5, K2tog – 6 stitches
R4 – 5:  K all
R6:  K4, SSK – 5 stitches
R7 – 10:  K all
R11:  K3, K2tog – 4 stitches
R12 – 13:  K all
R14:  K2, SSK – 3 stitches
R15 – 18:  K all
R19:  K1, K2tog – 2 stitches
R20 – 21:  K all
R22: SSK - 1 stitch
R23:  K1

Cut working yarn, leaving a 12” tail for seaming.  BO by pulling yarn tail through last loop,

Join CB and repeat Wedge 1 three more times for a total of 4 wedges.

Using the long tails, seam the wedges together.

Weave in all ends except for cast on end.

Stuff the tree with stuffing.

Place the cardboard circle under the stuffing at the bottom of the tree.

Tighten the e-wrap cast on so that the cast on is “gathered” under the cardboard.

Secure ends.


Loom:  1 Zippy loom

Yarn:  metallic eyelash yarn, 1 ball Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash in Star Ruby used in sample


Using only 2 pegs, make an i-cord approximately 84” long.

Attach 1 end at the bottom of the green. 

Wrap around the tree until the other end is at the top.

Secure the ends.


Yarn:  metallic eyelash yarn, 1 ball Yarn Bee Gilt Eyelash in Sunspark used in sample

Using whatever method preferred, make a pom pom.

Attach on top with glue.

Looking for more Zippy patterns?

Loom Knit with Isela Phelps

Gettin' It Pegged!  with Bethany Daily

Knit Chat with Denise Layman

Knitting Board Blog

While items made from this pattern may be sold, this pattern is protected by copyright and may not copied, republished, or distributed without express permission of the designer.

Monday, January 19, 2015


First of all I would like to apologize for ignoring my blog most of last year.

While I have been doing lots of things, I have failed to keep the blog updated.  I will try to do better this year.  And I will start by posting everything I did last year.  Not all in one day though...  So as time permits, I will add posts on all I did last year.  And everything I do this year will be posted as well.

So here is to 2015 not only being more productive but also being more blog-worthy as well!  Hope all of you have a very productive and healthy year!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Loom Knit Corkscrews

I have been thinking on corkscrews for some time.  There are a few other tutorials online loom knit corkscrews.  But I have been wanting tight spirals similar to crochet corkscrews that are not limited to the number of pegs on the loom for the length or using lots of decreases.

The other day while looking at a picture of an i-cord, it hit me.  A 2 peg modified i-cord.  Got out a loom and proceeded.  Got it on my second try.  First try, the yarn was not bulky enough for the loom gauge.  Found a heavier weight yarn, and it worked!  Oh happy day!

Had some trouble with my borrowed video camera though.  There is audio static.  Not happy at all...  But it does get better after 10 seconds or so.  I will try to remake the video whenever I can acquire a different camera.

But the video is recorded.  The tutorial is written.  And it's all uploaded to Ravelry in one nice downloadable file here.

Or find the video here.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zoe MacLean's Loom Knit Mermaid Tail with the Raised Paving Stitch

How exciting!  Zoe MacLean is very talented!  And she created a new loom knit pattern with the raised paving stitch that I converted for loom knit for a photo prop baby mermaid tail.  Isn't it incredible??

This is knit on the 36 peg round loom so the stitch has been modified just a little to accommodate the peg count of the loom.  She uses 2 strands of DK yarn held together as one.  DK is a 3 weight yarn equivalent to sports or baby weight yarn.

You can find her awesome pattern here.