Saturday, October 11, 2014

Loom Knit Corkscrews

I have been thinking on corkscrews for some time.  There are a few other tutorials online loom knit corkscrews.  But I have been wanting tight spirals similar to crochet corkscrews that are not limited to the number of pegs on the loom for the length or using lots of decreases.

The other day while looking at a picture of an i-cord, it hit me.  A 2 peg modified i-cord.  Got out a loom and proceeded.  Got it on my second try.  First try, the yarn was not bulky enough for the loom gauge.  Found a heavier weight yarn, and it worked!  Oh happy day!

Had some trouble with my borrowed video camera though.  There is audio static.  Not happy at all...  But it does get better after 10 seconds or so.  I will try to remake the video whenever I can acquire a different camera.

But the video is recorded.  The tutorial is written.  And it's all uploaded to Ravelry in one nice downloadable file here.

Or find the video here.