Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Loom Knit Drop Stitch Ruffle Infinity Scarf

After seeing a needle knit scarf done with ruffle yarn that was floating around Facebook groups, I decided to convert the pattern for loom knit.  The original pattern was deciphered by another person from a YouTube video in another language.  After getting the scarf pattern written, I got inspired to make it into an infinity scarf.  The entire scarf is knit with ruffle yarn.  Half is knit using the yarn as a bulky yarn using a drop stitch.  The other half is ruffles.  So here is the finished product...

Drop Stitch Ruffle Infinity Scarf

-this is converted from a needle knit pattern that has been floating around.  Use it, share it, love it.  Just please don't claim it as your own.  It is for all to enjoy!  ;)

Red Heart Sashay - one skein made my scarf with 6 pegs
Large gauge knitting board - used Martha Stewart loom with 2 U and 2 - 12 peg straight pieces with large pegs every other hole.  Any large gauge long loom would work like the purple Knifty Knitter scarf loom or the Hobby Lobby equivalent.

 Keeping tension very loose and using as bulky weight yarn, E-wrap cast on 6 pegs.
Row 1 - Knit all.
Row 2 - Purl all.
Row 3 - (Knit 1, yarn over peg on back of loom) repeat to end.
Row 4 - Purl all.  Remove yarn over from all pegs.
Repeat rows 1 - 4, 10 times.
Repeat rows 1 - 2 once more.

 (Tip:  After I repeat row 2, I stretch out the drop stitches to get the stitches tight and in place before going to the next drop stitch row.)

 Unfold yarn to work ruffles.
*Place every 3 loop of ruffle yarn on each peg and knit.
Move loops to the other side of the loom.*
Repeat from * until ruffle end matches length of drop stitch end.

Without twisting, bring cast on edge up and place loops on pegs.
Knit off.

Bind off.

Weave in ends.

 Option 2
Work ruffle part without moving to the other side of loom.  Makes all the ruffles on one side.  Back side of ruffles won't show with the infinity style.  Makes more ruffles!


If you like wider scarves, cast on more pegs.

 If you want to make it longer, increase the number of repeats.


Let me know if you have any questions or if you have found a mistake (I do make them from time to time...).  Enjoy!


Converted for the loom and Written by Renita Harvey


  1. So talented! The mannequin is really cute too. :)

  2. love it thanks for the pattern will try it

  3. Tried the pattern and love it, see m blog entry http://www.mymillefeuillelife.blogspot.sg/2013/08/half-half-ruffle-scarf.html

  4. My friend gave me 2 skeins of Sashay yarn for Christmas. In her words, "I was thinking of making you something, but you know I'm not crafty, so I got you this yarn in Penguins (NHL) colors and figured you can make something for yourself!" Maybe not the best gift, but her blushing apple butter that I also had in the bag makes up for any other gift EVER!

    While searching, I found this scarf and I absolutely love it! I've made a scarf from a loom before many times, but the last time was a few years ago and I've gotten rusty. Needless to say I've been frantically Googling some of the terminology you have in your pattern to refresh and learn....... and then I came across your YouTube tutorial of this very pattern.

    Thank you so so very much for the video tutorial. It made everything easier (in my case) to understand. Your scarf is beautiful and makes me very happy to wear!

    One of the things Lindsay (the friend who gave me the yarn) suggested was, "You can use this yarn for something cool... like maybe you can string it across the opening in your living room and string little lights or something on it. It doesn't feel like normal yarn. I know you'll come up with something cool."

    I would like to honestly thank you for my being able to create that something cool. You, ma'am, are amazing! (And so is your scarf!)

    Also, I'll be sure to credit you in my new DIY blog. It's my resolution for 2014 to share what I make.

    1. Thank you so very much for the kind words! It really made my day! Sorry it has taken me this long to reply. I am so glad you like this scarf. You can also not join it and add a button on the drop stitch side to put through the drop stitch right above the ruffles for a different look. Or just use the ruffle part for ruffle scarves or just use the drop stitch side for use with any super bulky yarn for a quick fun scarf. Use your imagination and have fun! Good luck with your loom knitting and your blog this year! Happy New Year!

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  6. I love love love this idea. This really gives a modern look to the ribbon yarn ruffle scarf! THANK YOU soooo much for the pattern.

  7. How did I get the knitting needle pattern

  8. How do I get the knitting needle pattern

    1. I think it was a video on YouTube. I do not have the link anymore.

  9. Wondering if you could recommend one of these looms as an alternate to the ones mentioned in your YouTube video as have been unable to find them--http://www.knittingboard.com/wood-looms/. After three dismally unsuccessful attempts to reverse engineer back to knitting needles thought perhaps it is time to try a new to me craft. I would be grateful for your help as my daughter has fallen in love with your scarf.

    1. I apologize for not seeing this until now. Since the gauge on the looms by KB are smaller than the ones I used, I would recommend the 10" KB with the largest spacer setting and using 2 pegs as one. I have a video on YouTube on how to knit using 2 pegs as one. My user name on YouTube is TheOnlyRenita.

      Again, I apologize for not seeing this sooner. I am trying to get back into the habit of posting on my blog as well as my FB page. Let me know if you have anymore questions.


  10. where can the pattern for this on straight needles be found?