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Loom Knit Oval Shapes

Wanting to knit an oval on loom?  Well, look no further!  With a few short rows and picked up stitches, you will be knitting ovals on any loom in any size you want.

This is my first attempt at an oval.  And yes I know what it looks like...  Uh mum...

And this is my second attempt.  It is a little longer in the middle than the red one.

I am writing this so you can make any size oval. There is not a set number to cast on or number of rows.  It can make for a confusing pattern.  I am hoping the video will help clarify everything.  Feel free to ask questions either here or on the YouTube comments.

The width of the oval is double the number of pegs cast on.  So if you want an oval that is 10 stitches across, you need to cast on 5 pegs.  If you want an oval that is 30 stitches across, you cast on 15 pegs.  And so on.  You can use any gauge loom with any yarn weight you desire.

Video links at the end.

Here you go...

K - knit
P - purl
S - slip (skip)
W&T - wrap & turn - lift loop off peg and wrap working yarn around peg from back to front.  Now peg is has 2 wraps or loops on it and working yarn is ready to purl the first stitch on the next row.

I will be using letters for the rows for the garter ridges in the center section and numbers for rows on the end semi/half circles.

E-wrap cast on half the desired width.  You will need to cast on an odd number of pegs.


Row A - S1, K rest.
Row B -  S1, P to last peg, K last
Repeat Rows A - B until you get the desired middle length.  Rows A and B together is 1 garter ridge.

Now we start our short rows for the curved end.


(*Row 1 - S1, K to next to last peg, W&T next to last peg
Row 2 - P to last peg, K last peg
Row 3 - S1, K to 2 pegs from last W&T, W& T the peg that is 2 pegs from the last W&T  -There should be a peg with only 1 loop between the pegs with the W&T
Row 4 - P to last peg, K last peg

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until there is a W&T on every other peg with the end pegs only having 1 loop.  So your last repeat will only be having 2 pegs where you slip the first peg and wrap and turn the second then knit the end peg. * Refer to the video for clarification on this.

This shows how the pegs look at the end of the wedge with the W&T.

Now repeat Rows A and B once.)

That is the first wedge of 6 for the semi or half circle end.

Repeat inside the ( ) 4 more times.  Then repeat from * to * once more.  This will give you 6 wedges.  You now have 2 loops every other peg.

Now we are ready to work our garter ridges back down the other side while picking up the side stitch to join the 2 sides.


Row A - S1, K rest
Row B - Place end stitch chain from the other side from the last garter ridge before the semicircle on the end peg.  P to the last peg, K last peg.

Repeat Rows A and B until all the side stitches from the other side have been joined.

Repeat the Curved End Section

There are 2 ways to finish.

Method 1 - Join and Bind Off

Place the cast on stitches back on the loom.
Using the Basic Bind off, bind off.

Method 2 - Bind Off and Seam with Mattress Stitch

Bind off first with Basic Bind off and use the mattress stitch to seam close.

If you wish,  you can sew the 2 little circles close.

I hope this helps!  Please feel free to refer to the videos to help understand what I have written.

Video Links

Part 1 -  Covers introduction and knitting the first side of the middle section.
Part 2 -  Covers the short rows for the first curved end.
Part 3 -  Covers knitting the second side of the middle section and joining the sides together as you knit.
Part 4 -  Covers the short rows for the second curved end, joining for the bind off, and binding off.
Part 5 -  Shows the finished product.

Or play them all on the Playlist.

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