Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My newest creation for the humiliation of the children...

Back in the fall while waiting for the bus with my kids, I got the bright idea for a hat.  Took me this long to get it done.

I know.  Classy...  not my best work but this was  fly by the seat of my pants project.  It can be done with knit (needles, loom, machine) or crochet.  It's quite simple.  I made this hat on my Addi King knitting machine.

Make a tight fitting beanie hat in the "hair" color of your choice. Cut long strands of the yarn and add it to the hat like fringe.  I cut my yarn about a yard long then cut it half.  Hooked it on so there were 2 strands per fringe.  Roll the fringe on sponge rollers.  I used 2 pieces of fringe about 1" apart per roller to hold them steady and 16 sponge rollers.  Use however many suits your fancy though.


The perfect hat to wear with a housecoat while holding a cup of coffee when waiting for the bus.  You might want to do it in the afternoon when they least expect it.  Or makes a nice hat to wear to Wal-mart.


Here is a loom knit pattern for the hat including detailed instructions on how to attach "hair".

Curlers Wig Hat

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