Friday, May 3, 2013

Endless Bunting Loom Knit Pattern and Video

It is completed!  The Endless Bunting pattern and video for loom knitting is up for sale!

It is knit on a small gauge (3/8") round loom with at least 40 pegs. AKB All-in-One or Martha Stewart loom set can be used. It is knit with 1 strand worsted or medium weight yarn. The pattern is written so that each flag is knit then continued in an endless fashion until desired number of flags have been finished. Instructions for both triangle and rectangle flags are included.

Rectangle flags are great for adding appliques or letters.

Finished triangle flag is approximately 5" wide by 4" tall.

Finished rectangle flag is approximately 5" wide by 7" tall.

Connecting piece is approximately 2".

Video tutorial links have been included with the written pattern.

Finished items can be sold. While the written pattern cannot be reproduced in any way without my express permission, the knitted item is your hard work to do with as you please!

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